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Love is in the air by Asurama

Stunning Fanart by Asurama. I am sharing her lovely work today for eveyone who has a bad day. Hope you all feel better and looking forward for an even better day tomorrow. Good night to all the #Sesshoumaru and #Rin fans out there! Ciao!


Happy Mother's day from Rin-Sess

I would like to wish all the mothers in the world a Happy mother's day :D

Read more on -> http://www.rin-sess.com/happy-mothers-day-rin-sess

Sunshine by Rocioo

Yahoo! Thursday coming and I am so looking for the weekend. My mood now is just like this picture, Sunshine and relax awaiting the weekend. I hope you all love the art as much as I do. :D Good night ya!

=> http://www.rin-sess.com/sunshine-rocioo#sthash.TYZNcc76.mjbm

Finding Rin?

Anyone in Finding Nemo mood? Ops I mean Finding Rin LOL xD Wow to the artist who make this, I mean look at Sesshoumaru's face, it is priceless xD What a great picture to end my wonderful Sunday and I wish the same for everyone :D Have a good night sleep and be ready for another good day tomorrow. Ciao! - See more at: http://www.rin-sess.com/finding-rin#sthash.9E1HxGzE.dpuf

=> http://www.rin-sess.com/finding-rin#sthash.9E1HxGzE.mjbm

Lady Rin and her family

Good evening everyone! I am waving goodbye to Friday and welcoming my long weekend! We are celebrating Labor day here Malaysia & couple of Asian countries. How about you all? Is Labor day of yours also fall on 1st of May? I can't wait to recharge myself. I am drained from the workloads personal issue, hopefully after this long weekend I will have more will to face all the problem around me. How's you all plan the long weekend? Do share with me ya smile emoticon Am going to get my beauty sleep, see ya everyone!

#sesshoumaru #Rin #SesshoumaruandRin

Read more - http://www.rin-sess.com/lady-rin-and-her-family#sthash.lAb4ENHO.mjbm

Wish upon a shooting star

I had an awesome day today and I wish you all have a great day too. Another day and weekend is coming. Can't wait for the rest :D NIght ya all! Sweet dream and sleep tight. - See more at: http://www.rin-sess.com/wish-upon-shooting-star#sthash.OgGaHxxP.dpuf

Sunset by katewind

This anawesome fanart by katewind will end your good/bad day with love. Good night everyone! :-)

=> http://www.rin-sess.com/sunset-katewind#sthash.AiKCLcOe.mjbm

Feeling the heartbeat.

Having a hectic Monday? No worry, all we need is take a good rest and have a long sleep. I belive tomorrow is another brighter day :-) fan art from hoshi-no-negai is so powerful, I wish I was Rin hehe look how peaceful she rest in arms of Sesshoumaru. Hehe good night all! ♡